Wet & Wacky Weekend

July 16-18, 2021

Be prepared to get WET! All things water this weekend.

Activities planned include: 

  • Gutter Boat Races- make your own gutter boat and race it by the beach!

  • Duck Races- pick your duck and cheer it on in a race at the beach. 

  • WATER WARS- get out your water balloons, water guns, water hoses and more! Kyle and Danielle will be driving around camp trying to get you SOAKED!!

  • Watermelon Polo Match (14+ Only)- join us at the pond for a game you've probably never seen before. 2 teams will compete in a game of water polo but with a watermelon instead. 

  • Water Hayride- could be considered "Water Wars: Part 2." If you go on this hayride, you will get wet!

  • Brush-It-Off Paint Night- Canvas painting ($25-$35/person). 

Activities subject to change without notice. All meals are catered or pot luck style. 

A detailed activity schedule will be released at least 1 week in advance. 

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