Harry Potter Weekend

July 30-Aug 1, 2021

Another fan-favorite weekend! 

Activities planned include: 

  • DIY wands & brooms- all ages. Make your own Harry Potter wands & learn how to use your wand to cast spells. Then make your own broom out of sticks & hay. Use to play Quidditch later in the day. 

  • Beginner's Potions Class (ages 3-8)

  • Advanced Placement Potions Class (9 and up)

  • Quidditch- Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor-all ages. Bring your own broom. 

  • Goblet of Fire Games- Ages 8 and up. The 4 houses will compete for the House Cup in the Goblet of Fire Games. 

  • Drive-In Movie- Harry Potter Movie (TBD)

Activities subject to change without notice. All meals are catered or pot luck style. 

A detailed activity schedule will be released at least 1 week in advance. 

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