Village Green Family Campground
228 Sturbridge Road
Brimfield, MA 01010

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Mother's Day

Easter Weekend

May 8-10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day! 

Flowers are a mom's best friend! Our kid's crafts for this weekend are planter painting at 10:30am in our Sub Pavilion. After that join us in the ball field for a camp wide Easter Egg Hunt! You must bring your own basket to collect your eggs. You might even find a special prize in yours :)

Moms, you deserve some time to yourselves, so we have planned a special "Momma's Only Crafting Party." Bring your favorite drink and snack and craft with us at 6pm in our Sub Pavilion. 

Also this weekend, Brimfield Ambulance Flower Sale! 8-2pm on Saturday, May 9th. It's the perfect opportunity to by your mom beautiful, local flowers!

Momma's Only Crafting Party

Tile Coasters

Activities subject to change without notice. All meals are catered or pot luck style. 

A detailed activity schedule will be released at least 1 week in advance.